Caribbean Recipes

 One can smell the smoke pits from almost anywhere on the island of Jamaica. Each cook has his own secret recipe and he guards it’s ingredients zealously. A typical jerk seasoning consists of allspice, thyme, chilies, and onion.


Blackbeard’s Pasta Salad

1 lb. Pasta Shells of Tubes

½ cup each of: celery, onions, black olives, garbanzo beans, parmesan cheese.

2 Tbsp. Oil & Vinegar

Add a few drops of Queen Anne’s Revenge Habanero Hot Sauce for a spicier flavor.


Queen Anne’s Revenge Bloody Mary

Dip lip of glass in water to moisten then dip the glass in pepper.

Add ice cubes to the glass followed by these ingredients shaken separately:

1 ½ oz. Vodka

1 cup Tomato Juice

½ tsp. Worcestershire Sauce

2 tsp. Queen Anne’s Revenge Habanero Hot Sauce

1 stalk Celery for garnish

Mix all ingredients in shaker. Chill and serve.


Island Salsa


4 ripe Tomatoes

Juice of 1 Lemon

½ onion

½ Bell Pepper

1 tsp. Cilantro

1 clove Garlic

Juice of 1 Lime

1 tsp. Queen Anne’s Revenge Habanero Hot Sauce

Dice tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, and garlic

Add lemon, lime juice, cilantro, and Queen Anne’s Revenge Habanero Hot Sauce

For best results, place in blender and blend for 15 seconds.


Caribbean Kebabs


2 lbs. Steak, Chicken, or Shrimp

1 large Onion

1 Bell Pepper

Cut into cubes and skewered alternately with 12 whole Mushrooms.



1 tbsp. Pyrate Isle Cariobbean Jerk Seasoning

2 Tbsp. Blackbeard’s Gourmet Steak Sauce

2 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil, and 2 Tbsp. Vinegar


Coat Kebabs with sauce and grill till done.



Caribbean Jerk Chicken


Pyrate Isle Caribbean Jerk Seasoning

½ cup of Vegetable Oil

¼  cup of Key Lime Juice

Stir well and marinate 4 chicken breasts 4 hours or longer.

Grill on open flame


Curried Shrimp


2 lbs. shrimps peeled and deveined

2 tbsp. Butter

1 oz. Vegetable Oil

2 Garlic Cloves, 2 Onions, 1 Tomato, 1 Bell Pepper, chopped

2 tbsp. Spicy Curry Powder

1 ½ cups Water


Fry the chopped onions, garlic, and shrimps in the butter and oil.

Add the Spicy Curry Powder and continue to fry for two minutes.

Add the remaining ingredients.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Serve with Rice.

Makes 4 servings.


Pyrate Isle Hot Wing Sauce



2 cups of Crows Nest Wing Sauce

½ cup of Queen Anne’s Revenge Habanero Hot Sauce

Add Pyrate Isle Jerk Seasoning for Caribbean style wings.


Place wings on a cookie sheet and bake at 425 degrees in oven, or deep fat fryer until done. (Ilike mine crispy).

Place sauce in a plastic baggy and coat wings, a few at a time, in the bag.

Place wings back on the cookie sheet and bake in oven another 5 minutes.




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