Palms and Ocean


While living in coastal Virginia, I ran across a website that intrigued me. A dive was being done on an old shipwreck and it was thought to be the ship belonging to the pirate "Blackbeard." The name of the ship was "The Queen Anne's Revenge." After some time it was determined that the ship actually is the "Queen Anne's Revenge." I visited the library and read everything I could regarding "Blackbeard." I poured over the information I could find on the internet. I was fascinated. Our theme is based on the Caribbean during the pirate era and primarily on the pirate "Blackbeard." When I finally opened the business we called it "Pyrate Isle Sauces" and the first sauces we offered for sale were a hot sauce called "Queen Anne's Revenge Habanero Hot Sauce" and a steak sauce we called "Blackbeard's Gourmet Steak Sauce." Blackbeard prowled the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean for years until the Governor of Virginia put a price on his head. He eventually was tricked into a battle and killed off the coast of North Carolina. Look for our line of fine gourmet sauces which include: "Davy Jones Reaper," "Scorpion Stinger Pepper Sauce," "Ghost Pepper Sauce," "Flintlock Chipotle Pepper Sauce," "Crow's Nest Wing Sauce," "Blackbeard's Papaya BBQ Sauce," "Misty Mango Pepper Sauce," and our one million Scoville unit extract "AAARGH!" Our Sauces and Fresh Seasonings allow you to create your own distinctive gourmet dishes. Pyrate Isle sauces is a small family-owned retail business operating out of Florida. We have been in business since 1997, and we enjoy traveling throughout the United States exhibiting our sauces and seasonings at fairs, malls, and festivals. If you don't see what you are looking for please call 757 232-5970 or send email